Dr. David (Dave) Morin is a dedicated teacher-scholar with a passion for communication and effects measures. As an educator, Dave strives to help students reach their full academic and professional potential.

He currently is an Associate Professor of Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication at Utah Valley University, where he teaches Media Literacy, Fundamentals of Social Media, and Visual Design, among other courses.

His research projects are designed to be applied inside and outside of the laboratory. Currently, Dr. Morin is examining how scientists communicate on social media platforms.


Dave is first and foremost an educator, and continues to improve upon his pedagogical skill set by participating in teaching workshops and seminars. He has taught a myriad of courses from both a theoretical and applied perspective.  

Courses Teaching for Spring 2023:

COMM 2510: Visual Design for Communication Majors—Incorporates a “hands-on” approach to web style and image design. Includes an overview of the theoretical foundations of visual design. Website construction is emphasized.

COMM 3120: Fundamentals of New and Social Media—Examines contemporary issues related to social media, including the impact of new media on journalism and society, social media effects, and new media campaigns. Investigates the relationship between government policy and social media in relation to issues such as the digital divide, net neutrality, and the use of social media to sustain protests and revolutions.

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Dr. Morin’s research is interdisciplinary in its approach and focuses on political communication, social media, and science communication from a social science perspective.

Sample Refereed Publications:

Morin, D., & Flynn, M.A. (2014). We are the Tea Party!: The use of Facebook as an online political forum for the construction and maintenance of in-group identification. Communication Quarterly, 62(1), 115-133

Morin, D. (2018) To Debate or Not Debate?: Examining the effects of scientists engaging in debates addressing contentious issues. Journal of Science Communication17(4), A02.

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Dr. Morin values service in higher education, and is dedicated to serving his department, college, university, and discipline. As a leader, David strives to ensure that all voices are heard and decisions are reached through discussion and collaboration.

David currently serves or has served in the following positions:

*Department Chair

*Emphasis Coordinator

*Strategic Planning Coordinator

*Council on Academic Standards Committee Member

*Rank, Tenure, and Promotion Advisory Committee Member